Why can’t Taobao sex underwear be exposed?

Can Taobao sex underwear cannot be exposed?What is the reason

As one of China’s largest e -commerce platforms, Taobao is undoubtedly the preferred sales platform for many sexy underwear merchants.However, in recent years, the physical photos of the upload of sexy underwear products are prohibited from the Taobao platform, but only the models are allowed to display photos, which makes many sexy underwear merchants feel very inconvenient.So, let’s explore it, why can’t Taobao sex underwear be exposed?

Consideration of laws and regulations

First of all, sexy underwear, as an adult product, is facing certain restrictions on publicity and marketing.The state’s standards for manufacturing and sales of adult products are also very strict. If adult products that have not been certified by the state are not allowed to be sold on the market.Therefore, in order to follow relevant laws and regulations and provide a safe and reliable shopping environment to consumers, the Taobao platform has strictly restricting the display of sexy underwear.

The existence of copyright issues

Secondly, if the merchant uploads his real erotic underwear to the Taobao platform, it is likely to be violated and stolen by others.We know that stealing photos of others is a very common problem. If sexy underwear merchants are found to use photos of other merchants in some way, then we must face serious legal risks.In order to ensure the intellectual property rights of merchants, the Taobao platform also restricts the display of sexy underwear.

Mo Taobao trading regulations

In addition, the Taobao platform also has its own transaction regulations, which stipulates that the photos of the product details page cannot include the merchant’s contact information and other marketing information. This is also a big challenge for sexy underwear merchants.In order to abide by Taobao’s regulations, merchants can only upload photos that cannot be reflected in differentiation, which also puts some pressure on their marketing.

Change of regulations

Although the Taobao platform is now very strict with the photos of sexy underwear, the state’s attitude towards adult products has gradually changed. The country is gradually inclined to support the legitimate marketing and sales of adult products.Corresponding regulations.Therefore, in the future, the Taobao platform’s photo display of sexy underwear may change.

Merchant’s creativity and marketing strategy

Although the Taobao platform has strict restrictions on the display of sexy underwear, merchants can still make full use of their imagination and marketing strategies to make articles in model display photos.Merchants can increase the attention and sales of the product by selecting different models, using different angles of shooting methods, and increasing some creative and fun methods.

Provide more text descriptions

Because the physical photos of sexy underwear are limited on Taobao, merchants need to provide more text descriptions and parameter introduction to let consumers understand the details and characteristics of the product.Merchants can introduce the fabrics, styles, sizes, and use methods of sexy underwear in detail, so that consumers have a clearer understanding and understanding of the product.

Use social media to promote

In addition, for fun underwear merchants, a better display method is to use social media and other channels to promote products.Merchants can post ordinary photos of sexy underwear on platforms such as Weibo, WeChat public account, and Douyin, so that consumers understand the appearance and texture of the product.

Use customer reputation to spread

Finally, for sexy underwear merchants, it is a very important way to use customers’ reputation to spread products.Merchants can improve customers ‘satisfaction and loyalty to increase customers’ purchase experience, actively respond to customer evaluation and suggestions, thereby obtaining word -of -mouth dissemination.


In summary, Taobao’s sexy underwear cannot be exposed, which is based on the consideration of laws and regulations and the existence of copyright issues.Although merchants have been constrained, they can still increase the product’s attention and sales through creative photos display, detailed text description, social media publicity, and customer reputation.