Why are sexy underwear women in?


Sexy underwear is a sexy, teasing style of underwear, and its appearance adds more fun to love life.But everyone will find that most of the sexy underwear is wearing women. Why?Here we will answer them one by one.

1. Men’s control of sexy underwear is more difficult

Interest underwear is often made of lace, velvet and other materials. It uses rich details and designs to try to create romantic and mysterious femininity.But such a design is difficult to master men, so women are more good at wearing sexy underwear.

2. Women’s figure is more suitable for sexy underwear

Women’s body curves are changeable, and sexy underwear is usually more suitable for highlighting the figure curve and showing a good body of women.The male body is relatively single, the corresponding sexy lingerie styles are relatively small, and the purchase is relatively difficult.

Third, traditional concepts are not acceptable to sex underwear

Traditional concepts believe that women should dress themselves more carefully.For men, wearing neat and generous is enough.This concept can make men have a certain sense of rejection of sexy underwear, which also leads to a lower proportion of men on sexy underwear.

Fourth, women are more confident in their own body

Women have certain confidence in their bodies.And sexy underwear design focuses more on the superiority of women’s figure.When women wear sexy underwear, they are more likely to feel confident and sexy, which is easier to show their charm.

5. The design of sexy underwear is more suitable for women to have sex

Interesting underwear design is enthusiastic and romantic to love life.According to the traditional character, more men play the role of attackers and occupants.And sexy underwear is more suitable for women’s body activities, which can improve women’s self -confidence and sexual interest.

6. Different gender characteristics

Men and women have great differences in many aspects, including physical form, characteristics, and cell composition.Interest underwear requires comfortable and appropriate materials to reflect its sexy and texture, so it needs more careful design.And men are not suitable for wearing fun underwear.

Seven, psychological differences

There is a big psychological difference between men and women.Men prefer to regard themselves as action factions, and women pay more attention to their inner experience.And sexy underwear emphasizes sexy and romance, which meets the psychological needs of women.Therefore, women are more likely to be attracted by the design of sexy underwear.

8. Differences in market demand

In terms of market demand, women pay more attention to their physical shape and beauty, and the birth of sex underwear shows their response to women’s demand.Men pay more attention to practicality and comfort.Therefore, sexy underwear is more popular in the market.

in conclusion

Although men’s use of sexy underwear is low, it does not mean that sexy underwear can only be women’s patents.The design style of sexy underwear not only refers to women, it can be a culture that everyone is suitable.In our lives, we should try to break the constraints of gender concepts and traditional culture, pay attention to and feel the charm of sexy culture, and make our love life more colorful.

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