Who is the world’s sexy underwear king


With the improvement of sexual openness, the market of sexy underwear has also developed rapidly, and more and more brands have emerged. So, who is the world’s sexy lingerie king?This article will reveal the answer for you.

Victoria’s Secret

As one of the world’s most famous sexy lingerie brands, Victoria’s secret has always been the leader of the sex underwear industry.The brand was founded in 1977 and currently has more than 1,000 stores worldwide.Victoria’s sexy and gorgeous has always been its biggest feature. The brand regularly holds the Victoria’s Secret Show, attracting the participation of many stars and supermodels.

Lamili underwear

Laamelian underwear was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Paris, France.Adhering to the concept of "making women feel beautiful, confident and perfect", the brand has launched a stylish and soft sexy underwear series, and has more than 2,000 stores worldwide.What’s more worth mentioning is that Ramali lingerie has provided underwear for the Victoria’s Secret Show for several years.


Beija FLOR LINGERIE was founded in 2009. It is a sexy underwear brand from Britain.The brand is characterized by the value of comfort and value, and integrates innovative technology in the design of underwear.Beija FLOR LINGERIE has extremely high quality accomplishments. The back design can perfectly fit the back curve to ensure the comfort and sexuality during sleep.

La Perla

La Perla is also a sexy underwear brand from Italy.The brand was founded in 1954. It integrates design, quality, and craftsmanship, and has become a brand logo with luxury and architectural aesthetics.La Perla underwear series pursue luxury, sexy, and fashionable. The brand’s products include sexy underwear, men’s underwear, swimsuit, etc.La Perla has also customized sexy underwear for several ladies and royal members.


Gossard was born in 1901 and is a long -established sexy underwear brand.The brand is known for its "the originator of British sexy underwear", and Gossard’s products are known for their clean, beautiful high -end fabrics and design styles different from other brands.In addition to sexy underwear, Gossard also produces men’s underwear, socks, body -shaping clothes, etc.

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a British sex lingerie brand, which was founded in 1994.The brand’s underwear series is the theme of stimulation and teasing.The underwear of Agent Provocateur is peculiar, colorful, and worthy of money. Its underwear design contains the concepts of exposed and sexy, which can create a different gorgeous feeling with the public.


Bluebella was founded in 2005 and is a niche sexy underwear brand from Britain.The brand shows a simple sexy underwear to show women’s confidence and independence. Bluebella’s underwear style is simple, sexy, and fashionable, breaking the traditional sexy underwear style.Bluebella’s sexy underwear series reveals a noble feminine charm.


AUBADE is a French erotic underwear brand, which was founded in 1958.The brand emphasizes natural beauty in the design of underwear, is sexy, and shows the perfect curve of women’s bodies.The AUBADE underwear series not only mechanized production, but also hand -made sexy underwear. The fabrics and crafts used are all supreme.Aubade is the powerful competitor of the world’s sexy lingerie king.


Intimissimi is an Italian sex lingerie brand, which was founded in 1996.The brand is committed to creating both fashion women internal and external. Their sexy underwear series is made of high -quality materials and exquisite hand -made, mainly personality and fashion.Intimissimi’s sexy underwear innovation and versatile, suitable for multiple occasions.


The above is the introduction of the world’s sexy lingerie king. The characteristics of each brand are different, and they have the director.The so -called crowd is difficult to tune, and different people’s love of sexy underwear is also different. It is the most important thing to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Therefore, there is no absolute sexy underwear king, and everyone has their own choices and brand preferences in their hearts.

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