What should I do if my husband is trying to wear sexy underwear

1. Why do my husband wear sexy underwear?

Interesting underwear is an indispensable element in the life of modern couples. It can not only increase interest, but also increase the intimate feelings between husband and wife.Therefore, my husband wearing a sexy underwear is a way to try new things and increase the sense of intimacy.

2. What are the conditions for my husband to wear sexy underwear?

If you choose to try this kind of thing, you must ensure that there is a strong sense of intimacy between the husband and the wife, and do not mind the shortcomings and shortcomings of the other person.In addition, you must overcome self -awareness and restraint, and are willing to try different roles and experiences in life.

3. Quotation underwear types

Sex underwear covers many different types.For example, you can choose lace underwear with special decoration and style; or choose a more seductive basic sexy underwear, such as corset with elastic mesh fabric; you can also selectively selective menstrual jackets, such as long bow and lace lace.Some of the short skirts of curtains, some of which will have surprising clothing "card toys", which can give your husband more experience.

4. Color choice of sexy underwear

The choice of color varies from person to person.The most common sexy underwear is black and red.Black is a very mysterious color that looks more mature and more charming; and red represents the enthusiasm and emotional side.In addition, you can also try other colors, but you need to adjust your mentality and dare to try different color styles!

5. Select the perception of sexy underwear

The key to choosing sexy underwear is to ensure comfort and beauty.Generally speaking, the most important thing for corset is to ensure comfort and support; and for personal protective clothing, you should pay attention to the choice and breathability of the material.It is important to choose your favorite underwear in the experienced and diverse shops, so that it is easier to master the convenient size and the appropriate size.

6. The secret to wear sexy underwear

Of course, when choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider the size of the size and the whole body with wonderful lighthouses, reverse wonders or irritating clothes (such as jewelry, lace, cardigan, etc.).After putting on underwear, you should also let your husband experience sufficient comfort and natural feeling.Coupled with your own vomiting, the lingering lips and whispering make this incident more pleasant and wonderful.

7. Choose to wear suitable occasions

The wearing sexy underwear is suitable for bed activities and various sexual practice.Especially during the anniversary, Valentine’s Day, birthday and important holidays, wearing sexy underwear can add more joy and happiness to life.Try to choose a time without a child at home, or ask others to take care of the children, and arrange some romantic dinner and plan for everyone.

8. The length of the sexy underwear

The time for sex underwear can be long or short, depending on the situation.If it is sexual activities at night, you can minimize time constraints and increase fun.If you add interest in life, time should be sufficient, appreciate and enjoy each other’s body and inner emotions.

9. Change of time and size

Interest underwear has different feelings and changes in the wear time and everyone.Some people feel no longer fresh, while others have always liked.In the process of choosing underwear, we should pay attention to the problems of size and size, as much as possible to feel comfortable as much as possible, or choose to adjust appropriately to achieve a better experience.

10. Combined with other flirting methods

Interest underwear is just a element of sex life.If you want to get more interesting life, you need to consider some other ways of flirting.For example, you can try to use candlelight, aroma, music, and some gentle words to build a deeper emotional connection.

In general, husbands wearing sexy underwear can increase the viscosity and intimacy between husband and wife, make the boredom in life interesting, and stimulate the passion deep in each other.Therefore, as long as you pay attention to the right occasion and clothing, enjoy the fun and happiness brought by sexy underwear.

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