What is the rope on the sexy underwear?

Understand the classification of rope on the affectionate underwear

The rope on the sexy underwear can be divided into two types: decorative and functional.Most of the decorative ropes appear on the waist or chest, making the underwear more fashionable and sexy; the functional rope is to help adjust the stability and tightness of the underwear.

The belt rope on the sexy underwear

The belt rope refers to the rope that is used to adjust the looseness of the waist on the tension. It is usually a circle along the underwear, and the front and back are tied together.When tied the belt rope, first wear the underwear and adjust to the appropriate position to ensure comfort and aesthetics.Then bypassed the waist along the long circle, and the cross is tightly tightly tied together.

If the sexy lingerie is carried on the back rope

Some erotic underwear are located on the back, which can adjust the stability and tightness of the underwear.When tie the back rope, you can put the underwear first, adjust the front, and pull the tie with your hands between the comfort and the aesthetics with both hands, then cross the rope at both ends, and then bypasses the rope through your waist., Finally, through the left and right underwear ring.

The chest strap rope on the sexy underwear

The chest rope refers to the rope that is used to adjust the chest posture and comfortable rope.Adjust the length and tightness of the rope to adapt to different styles of underwear and personal needs.When tie chest rope, you can first wear the underwear, adjust the length and chest shape of the shoulder strap, and then start the chest rope from the underwear ring, bypass the neck in turn, cross the head, and then bypass yourself separately.The waist is fixed through the underwear ring.

How to tie the foot rope on the sex lingerie

The foot rope refers to some ropes used to adjust the tightness and fixing of the pants to the pants.When tie feet and rope, you can first wear underwear and adjust the position and shape of the waist and pants feet, then bypass the rope through the thigh or ankle, adjust the tightness of the rope according to personal needs, and finally tie the rope to the bottom of the underwear at the bottom of the underwear.Inside the ring.


When the rope is on the tie -tie underwear, be sure to pay attention to it. Do not be too tight or loose to avoid affecting the stability and tightness of the underwear.At the same time, the position and order of the rope are also very important. It is necessary to flexibly adjust the position and length of the rope according to the design of the underwear and personal figure.Finally, don’t forget to adjust your shoulder straps and belts to avoid excessive relying on ropes to adjust underwear.

The shape of the underwear rope

In addition to regulating the stability and tightness of the underwear, some ropes on some sexy underwear can also increase the sense of design and sexy.For example, a unique fancy pattern and pattern can be formed on the chest or waist, increasing imagination space and visual aesthetics.

Suggestions for the use of sexy underwear

As a special underwear, sexy underwear has its unique wear occasions and how to use it.It is generally recommended to wear in private occasions, which can bring sexy experiences and surprises that are different from daily underwear.At the same time, do not use sexy underwear too often to avoid bias and boring.

in conclusion

When tied the rope of the sexy underwear, pay attention to the type and nature of the rope, and flexibly adjust according to personal needs and underwear design.At the same time, combining the overall wearing effect of the underwear to choose whether to add the rope modeling design to make the underwear more personalized and fashionable.In the end, although sexy underwear has its unique charm, it also needs reasonable use and restraint to avoid affecting physical health and personal image.

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