What brands are there in sex underwear brands


Sexy underwear is the favorite of modern women. More and more women pay more attention to skin comfort and visual effects, and brands are becoming more and more diversified.In this article, we will introduce several high -quality and highly sought -after sexy underwear brands.

Victoria’s Secret

This is the leading brand of the sex underwear market. It swept the world in the 1990s.The meticulous varieties created by the designer have superior durability fabrics and materials, and the design appearance is both sexy and charming.Although the brand’s prices are different, Victoria’s secrets are still one of the best underwear.

Calvin Klein

This is an elegant erotic underwear, its basic appearance is very simple, but very sexy.Its design has a sense of convenience and fashion, and the price is relatively reasonable.Calvin Klein’s erotic underwear ordinary fabrics include cotton and polyester, but different fiber processing methods and excellent designs make it warm in cold days, and the skin is breathable in hot weather.


The brand may seem a bit unique, but OFFENSIVE is very particular about designing sexy underwear. It uses aesthetics and fashion, which has a strong particularity.Their erotic underwear is bold and innovative, specially created for customers who like mechanical style and locomotive culture.


The brand of MAPALE focuses on retro style, and focuses on the comfort and beauty of sexy underwear on the basis of designing ergonomics.Its fabric is very breathable, soft in texture, and it feels very personal and comfortable to wear, so it is a brand that women like very much.

Big modh

This is a young and personalized brand.This brand has a lot of bold designs. It is not only sexy underwear, but also like art.BIG MOUTH’s sexy lingerie is unique, dazzling, natural and comfortable.

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a British brand. It is quite unique in the underwear market, combined with classic style and fashionable design, but also emphasizes creativity and artistic.The underwear it designed is not only sexy underwear, but also can be regarded as a piece of art.


Lascivious is another diversified brand, and at the same time pay attention to the appearance and comfort of sexy underwear.Its products cover diversification, from retro styles to more modern design.While capturing women’s personality, they focus on meeting consumer psychological needs.

La Perla

This brand has become the underwear giant. Its products focus on high -quality handmade. The design integrates classic and fashionable. At the same time, the advantages of fabrics and materials prove the brand’s high level.Although the price is slightly higher, it is natural.


This brand is pursuing sexy underwear made by sensuality and high -quality materials.Their designers use advanced technology in design, and the materials used are considered the best.When querying the evaluation form, the content involves skin comfort and softness.If you are willing to spend enough money, Wolford is a very high -quality choice.

in conclusion

In general, sexy underwear has different variants to meet different women’s needs.There are similarities between the above brands and their own characteristics.For special styles, temperament and taste, some brands or brands may be more popular. Of course, any sister paper can still choose their own sexy underwear brands according to their preferences.

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