What are the reactions of my husband in sexy underwear?

What are the reactions of my husband in sexy underwear?

When women wear sexy sexy underwear, they will attract the attention of people around, especially her husband’s reaction is the focus of attention.So, what are the reactions of my husband in sexy underwear?The following is a detailed answer for everyone.

1. excitement and excitement

Many men see their women in sexy sexy underwear, and they will have a kind of excitement and excitement.This is because men’s visual stimulus is more sensitive, and it is naturally excited to see women wearing sexy underwear.They will feel that their women are very sexy and increase their confidence in their men.They also feel that their women are very attractive and closer to their women.

2. Praise and praise

When a man sees his woman wearing a sexy sexy underwear, the first response will be praise and praise.Men like to express their thoughts and feelings, they will praise women to look very beautiful, sexy and charming.This praise makes women feel very attractive, so as to achieve a more intimate purpose of gender relations.

3. Sexual fantasy and lust

Women wearing sex underwear will ignite men’s sexual fantasy and lust. They will imagine sex with women, hoping to get a greater degree of satisfaction.Men’s sexual desire is very strong, and this emotion and response are very normal. As long as you reasonably adjust your desires and behaviors.

4. Appreciation and viewing

When a man sees a woman wearing a sexy sexy underwear, he usually stops and watch it carefully.This kind of viewing is an attitude of praise and appreciation of women, but it also needs to pay attention to respecting and protecting women’s dignity and privacy.

5. Misunderstanding and jealousy

Some men cannot accept their women to wear sexy sexy underwear, and they will feel that this is a betrayal and injury to themselves.This misunderstanding and jealousy may become the tension and conflict of gender relations.However, the two sides need to clearly communicate their preferences and attitudes to this underwear to gain better understanding and cooperation.

6. Negative response

Some men will take advantage of extreme and bad reactions because they are too excited and excited.For example, active behavior of violence or forcing women to perform unwilling behavior and obedience.This reaction is very bad, and it is necessary to take timely measures for protection and prevention.

7. Accept and support

Many men can actively accept and support their women to wear sexy underwear.They will think that this is an interesting and tasteful thing, willing to try and experience.This attitude of support and acceptance is more helpful and further developed.

8. Dedication and laughing

There are also some men who are disdainful of women who wear fun underwear, and even laugh and satire women’s self -esteem and self -confidence.This attitude is a wrong way to treat women’s beauty and sexy way, and needs to be corrected and adjusted.


In general, there are many reactions that wearing erotic underwear to men, and positive reactions and support are important.Women themselves also need to clarify their purpose and preferences, and use sexy underwear to better experience their sexy and charm, and achieve the purpose of more harmonious gender relations.

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