What are the channels for sex underwear sales?

Introduction to sex underwear sales channels

Interest underwear is a underwear produced with the concept of "women’s first".Because of its strong sense of design, good quality, and large market demand, it has become a major popularity in the underwear industry. So, what channels are the fun underwear through?

Online channel: e -commerce platform

At present, many sexy underwear brands on the market choose to sell online through e -commerce platforms. Platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, JD.com, Pinduoduo are one of the main sales channels for adults such as sex underwear.

Online channel: Brand official website

Some powerful and popular brands will choose to open an e -commerce platform on their official website or provide a purchase link to sell products through their own official website.shopping experience.

Offline channels: Spoof Shop

In addition to the e -commerce platform and the brand’s official website, sexy underwear can also be purchased in major sexual products stores.These stores are generally more secretive, located in Honglun District, commercial districts and other places.This sales model is common in some niche sexy underwear brands.

Offline channels: adult products specialty store

There are also some brands who choose to settle in adult products specialty stores for sales. These stores are called sexy underwear stores.These stores are generally located in the relatively prosperous areas of commercial areas. They are distinguished from ordinary sex products stores with larger storefronts, more product types, and more luxurious decoration.

Offline channel: Large shopping mall department store

Some well -known brands will choose to enter large shopping malls and department stores to place sexy underwear in the underwear counter to display sales.This method is common in high -end brands.

Offline channel: Customized service

Many erotic lingerie brands will provide private customization services. Customers can customize personalized customization in the store. Design sex underwear that suits them according to their needs and ideas. In this way, we will enhance the customer experience and attract more customers to buy.

Offline channel: WeChat

Finally, for some niche brands and manufacturers, they will choose to sell through Weishang.WeChat is often defined as the sales behavior of WeChat circle of friends. Because of the particularity of its sales channels, it has become one of the more suitable sales methods for adults such as sex underwear.


In short, different sales channels also mean different consumer groups. Choosing a method that suits you for sales has also become a good strategy for sex underwear brands.In the end, the sales channel is only a link in the sex underwear industry. To stand out in market competition, it is necessary to have excellent product design, high -quality manufacturing, and good brand reputation.

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