What actions do wearing sex underwear

What actions do wearing sex underwear

Interesting underwear has been loved by many women with its sexy, grade, and privacy.To achieve a better dressing effect, wearers need to wear sexy underwear in accordance with the correct posture, and also pay attention to daily wear and maintenance.This article will be introduced in detail for the main points of attention when wearing sexy underwear.

1. Choose a size that suits you

The size of the sexy underwear is different from ordinary clothing, and needs to be selected according to the size parameters such as your bust, waist and hips.However, due to the differences in brand manufacturers, you must not trust the size table when you buy.Pay attention to the elasticity of the size. Only by choosing underwear suitable for your size can you achieve better comfort and aesthetics.

2. First bust

Many women put sexy underwear on their waist, because the fine -striped lace and satin material are difficult to master.In fact, you should first tie the bust behind the back, and then surround the underwear in front.This can avoid excessive stretching of the fabric, causing the embarrassment of chest loss.

3. Put into the breast

When adjusting the underwear strap to the length that suits you, you must pay attention to "place" the breast into the underwear cup.If a woman stuffs her breasts into the underwear cup, it cannot achieve an effective support, and it may also cause chest deformation.

4. Adjust the underwear cup

Balanced underwear cups and the stretching of the chest can avoid sagging of the chest.When adjusting the underwear cup, pay attention to pulling the chest from above into the center of the underwear cup, so as to achieve ideal support and tightening results.

5. Press complete

Many women skip shorts or stockings such as shorts or stockings when wearing fun underwear, which will greatly reduce the effect of the entire wear.If you want to achieve better results, you need to pay attention to the complete wear.For this reason, it is necessary to choose accessories such as stockings, leather shorts.

6. Keep the correct posture

After wearing a sexy underwear, you must maintain the correct posture.Perfect underwear affects women’s body curves, so the correct posture can make the body line more perfect.At the same time, you can also get a better dress experience and confidence.

7. Avoid wearing too long for a long time

Wearing sexy underwear must be appropriate to avoid wearing too long.Because wearing for a long time may have a negative impact on physical health.In addition, correct cleaning and maintenance can also increase the life and performance of underwear.

8. bed performance

In the bedroom, women wearing sexy underwear need to cooperate with action and expressions to show their charm to truly play the sexy effect of underwear.This is especially important when you are in close contact with your partner.

9. Reasonable match

Interest underwear is not a single dress, but also needs to be matched with a whole set of fashion clothes.Therefore, pay attention to the combination of clothes when wearing sexy underwear.If it is well matched, it can not only be more beautiful, but also improve women’s confidence and charm.

10. More changes than ordinary underwear

There are many styles and gorgeous styles of sexy underwear, and many different styles are suitable for different occasions and different moods.Therefore, it is more variant than ordinary underwear.Women can wear different styles of sexy underwear on different styles and different colors to release their different personalities.


The more details needed to wear sexy underwear are a bit annoying, but with continuous attempts, women will find that wearing sexy underwear is one of the best ways to show personal charm.Not only daily wear, but also showing their charm in bed.Therefore, whether it is purchasing or wearing, you must pay special attention to details.

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