Wear the flowing underwear under the water


Wear the flowing underwear under the water

Among various sexual products, sexy underwear is almost a must -have for every woman.Whether it is for a enthusiastic night or for daily wear, sexy underwear is an indispensable auxiliary product in women.Dressed in sexy underwear, many women will have the phenomenon of flowing water below. Next, we will analyze why sexy underwear will let women run under and give you a solution.

Material and design

There are many types of erotic underwear, and materials and design are also a key factor that affects sexual stimulation.Some materials are soft and breathable, such as silk and lace. After individual people wear, they will have flowing water.The physiological structure below women is different from men, and excessive congestion will cause the production of secretions. This is one of the reasons why wearing some specific materials can cause flowing water under women.From a design point of view, many erotic underwear adds some elements that promote stimuli, such as the texture of lace and flying silk, cup additions, etc. These may lead to excessive secretions below.


The unsuitable size is also one of the reasons for wearing a flowing water under the sexy underwear.If the underwear size is incorrect, the private parts and vaginal ports will be squeezed when wearing, causing vaginal congestion, adding additional secretions, and eventually leading to the inflow below.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, choose the size of your own size, be careful not to be too tight or too loose.

Lack of cleaning measures

The material and design nature of sexy underwear make it an obstacle to maintaining a private part.Improper underwear cleaning will cause local flora to imbalance. These bacteria and infections may lead to the rivers below and make the vagina extremely sensitive.Therefore, it is recommended to buy two or three sexy underwear in turn, keep dry and clean at any time, and ensure the cleaning and disinfection of the underwear, so as not to cause infection and stimulation.

For a long time

Wearing erotic underwear for a long time is also one of the reasons for flowing water below.Sex underwear is usually designed for special occasions. Women need to take off them in time after wearing underwear for a while.If we wear too long, the local congestion will be exacerbated, and additional secretions will cause flowing water.Therefore, when wearing a sexy underwear, women should also pay attention to the length of wearing and adjust the underwear appropriately.


Of course, there are also women who have no flowing water because of cold sex.Women’s excitement is very important. When the body is not fully stimulated, the vaginal membrane wall will become dry and elastic, and there will be no phenomenon of flowing water below.In this case, it is recommended that women can use lubricants to increase the stimulus of sexy underwear to achieve the goal of smooth outflow.

Hormone secretion is abnormal

Hormon plays a vital regulatory role in the human body, and the abnormal secretion of hormones will affect the underdevelopment of women.If women’s endocrine disorders may occur during menstruation, inexplicable secretions and flowing water may occur.At this time, women should adjust the hormone level in the body in time to maintain their body balance.

The role of sexy underwear

The flowing water produced by sexy underwear is also a sexual impulse brought by sex products.The sexy underwear is based on its unique materials and design, which aims to increase interest and sexual interests. It stimulates women’s sexual desire by simulation and regulating water and humidity in the vagina.To experience this kind of stimulus and enjoyment, wearing sexy underwear is a good choice.

in conclusion

In short, sexy underwear allows women to produce a variety of flowing phenomena below, including various factors such as materials, design, cleaning, and size.If women want to keep healthy, they should pay attention to their bodies and situations when wearing sexy underwear, choose the right underwear, and strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of underwear.The flowing water produced by sexy underwear is a sexual impulse of sex products, but it also needs to pay attention to the problems caused by long -term wear.

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