Wear sexy clothes for my husband

Choose the importance of sexy underwear

As a good wife and mother, I know the importance of the relationship between husband and wife in the marriage life.Choosing a sexy underwear suitable for husband is one of the small details of the maintenance relationship. I will introduce it in detail below.

Know your husband

For choosing sexy underwear, first understand your husband’s preferences, figures and needs.If he likes sexy underwear, then you can choose a hollow design; if he is a little fat, then the design of lace can have a good package effect.

Choose a suitable style

There are many different styles of sexy underwear: bra, three -point, suspender type.You can choose the right style according to your husband’s body and preference.For example, a lady with big breasts can choose a bray underwear with steel rings.And a little fatter can choose to match a sexy suspender underwear.

Choosing the right size is the key

Choosing the right size is also very important. Excessive or too small underwear will make her husband feel uncomfortable.It is recommended to measure the size of the husband in advance so that you can choose the suitable underwear.

Color choice

Color is also very important for sexy underwear.Red and black are the most classic colors.If your husband likes other colors, you can also consider it, but don’t choose too bright colors.

The fabric is also critical

The comfort and breathability of underwear fabrics are also part of the choice.The cotton fabric is more breathable, but it is not as sexy as lace fabric.Therefore, such factors should be balanced when choosing.

Suitable occasion

It is also very important to wear sexy underwear.Create surprises at home or wear on special occasions, which can improve the taste of husband and wife.But don’t wear it in public, this is inappropriate.

Brand and price choice

Different brands and prices will also affect the choice of underwear.Some brands will design different underwear for different needs, and some high -priced brands can ensure quality and comfort.Of course, the most suitable price varies from person to person.

Pay attention to maintenance and cleaning

The maintenance of underwear is also very important, such as hand washing and drying to ensure the comfort and aesthetics of the underwear.


Choosing sex underwear is not to cater to the outside world, but a manifestation of respect and fun.The correct choice and match can maintain the effect of maintaining the relationship between husband and wife.I hope the above can provide some references for everyone.

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