Wear sex underwear and take a tram

Dream of wearing a sex underwear and tram

For women who like to wear sexy underwear, going out and taking trams have become a problem.Many women are worried that others will find that they wear sexy underwear, especially some sexy or sexy sexy underwear.But not all sexy underwear will cause trouble in public. The following will talk about some tips about sexy underwear to help women get rid of the troubles encountered when wearing erotic underwear.

Black underwear

Black is a very classic color, especially for sexy underwear.If you wear black sexy underwear, you don’t have to worry when you go out and take a tram.Black underwear is almost the same as many ordinary underwear, so it is easy for everyone to ignore its sexy nature.

Avoid sitting on a high stool

Many people are used to sitting on a high stool in public places, especially when waiting at the train station.But when sitting on a high stool, people are more likely to pay attention to people around them. At this time, do not wear sexy or very eye -catching sexy underwear, otherwise it is easy to attract the attention of others.

Choose underwear suitable for the occasion

Different occasions need to wear different underwear.If you want to participate in the company’s dinner or other formal occasions, you should choose a more conservative and less exaggerated sexy underwear, such as lace style or a small amount of sexy underwear.And if you are dating or going out at night, you can choose some more sexy underwear.

Texture and texture are important

Pure cotton underwear is not suitable for wearing in public, because it is usually thick and not suitable for wearing tight clothes.The silk underwear is more suitable for wearing in public, because it is relatively thin and thinner, and it is more comfortable and natural.

Avoid too bright colors

Too bright colors can be more likely to attract people’s attention, so you must avoid too bright and dazzling colors when choosing the color.For example, sexy underwear such as red, pink and other colors may make the people around you interested in or pay attention to you, and make you feel embarrassed.

Persist in the inner choice

No matter what you look like a sexy underwear, you must adhere to your inner choice.Underwear is worn for yourself, not for others.Therefore, if you want to wear some more stylish underwear, then you can wear it bravely, which will help the establishment of self -esteem and the improvement of personal image.

Consider the overall matching of clothing

Wearing erotic underwear should be grasped well, don’t let it look too obvious.With loose or drooping coats can have a good hidden effect.For example, choose a long, wide -leg clothes so that you can hide your underwear well.

Avoid thin clothing

If you wear thin clothing, you may make the underwear too obvious, so that even if the underwear is not particularly bright or sexy, it will easily attract others.Therefore, it is recommended to choose thick, solid clothes to wear.

Important factor: self -confidence and posture

The most important factor is your confidence and gesture.Self -confident and elegant attitude can make the underwear look more natural and no longer attract unnecessary attention.Showing the best temperament and demeanor, no matter what kind of sexy underwear you wear, it will impress people.


There is no mistake in wearing sexy underwear. The key is to choose the right occasion and correct match.At the same time, self -confidence and gesture are also important guarantees to wear beautiful underwear.Women in the new era should be a good girlfriend to communicate with each other and share their wearing experiences. Even if wearing small fresh underwear, they will look particularly energetic, affinity, and different.

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