Type Stockings Instead Underwear Pictures Daquan


Telle stockings are one of the more common styles in sexy underwear. Because of its sexy and transparency, it has become the choice of many women.In this article, we will show you the pictures of tulle and stockings sexy underwear, helping you to understand the details and characteristics of various styles, so as to choose the most suitable for you.

Transparent lace style

The transparent lace style is the most common type of tulle stockings. Due to its transparency and exquisite workmanship of lace, women’s dressing looks more charming and moving.

Nude stockings style

The style of nude stockings is a relatively versatile style. The color shows the effect of skin tone. It is integrated with the skin, which is more natural and sexy.

Black stockings style

Black stockings style is a very classic sexy lingerie style. Black is more mysterious and tempting, suitable for daily wear or some special occasions.

Grid Eye Stockings Style

Net eye stockings style is a relatively breathable, transparent and sexy choice. The mesh details on the socks add more design and personalized elements, which is easier to adjust to your best state.

Striped stockings style

Striped stockings style is a relatively casual, stylish and cute choice, with diverse styles, including different types such as vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, and oblique stripes, which are suitable for various occasions.

Flavors Stockings Style

The style of the tassel stockings is a relatively unique, personalized and charming choice. The tassel details will sway the posture when you walk, adding more dynamic and interesting.

Tattoo stockings style

Tattooing stockings style is a more interesting, fashionable and personality choice. There are various tattoo patterns on the socks, bringing more visual impact.

Hollow stockings style

The hollow stockings style is a relatively retro and exquisite choice. There are various shapes of hollow details on the socks, which shows your beautiful legs even more.

Pork color transparent stockings style

The style of meat -colored transparent stockings is a more sexy, natural and realistic choice. The color and complexion have a nearly perfect effect, and can make you more charming through the transparent and exposed parts.


The above is the picture of the tulle -style socks. You can choose the one that suits you best according to your personality and needs. When choosing, you may wish to consider your personal style and the needs of the occasion.I hope you can be more confident and beautiful when wearing!

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