Try to shoot sexy underwear

Try to shoot sexy underwear

Many people have a certain understanding of the brand, style, and functions of sexy underwear, but there are still some confusion about how to take photos of sexy underwear in correctly.In order to help everyone take a better sexy underwear trial photo, this article will discuss the preparation, trial points, shooting skills and post -processing before trying on.


Choose suitable underwear style and size

Before trying to wear sexy underwear, you must first choose the suitable style and size based on your body.Try to avoid buying too small or too large underwear to avoid affecting the trial effect and comfort.In addition, it is necessary to consider the design style of sexy underwear. If you want to take private photos, then the open crotch or high perspective style will be more suitable.

Fine makeup

Before going to the shooting location, do a good job of makeup.Like ordinary shooting skills, fine makeup can make the face and skin more perfect and improve the quality of the photo.However, when choosing cosmetics, pay attention to choosing products that are not easy to remove makeup and weaken skin effects, such as high -sized liquid foundation, durable mascara, etc.

Keep your body and skin condition

Sex underwear trial needs to be carried out on the basis of sexy and beauty, so before going to the trial place, keep your body and skin state.It is recommended to exercise and preparation within 1 to 2 weeks before shooting to make muscles firmer and look better.In addition, daily skin care should be done to ensure the skin’s moist and shiny.

Trial points

Choose the right scene and background

Trying sexy underwear is best done in the locker room or home, so as not to be misunderstood by others.At the same time, choose suitable shooting scenes and backgrounds, such as late -night beaches, forests, minimalist backgrounds, and so on.The choice of trial scenes and backgrounds should echo the style of underwear, highlighting the sexy, mysterious and personalized underwear.

Pay attention to the adjustment of the posture and the shape of the expression

In order to highlight the sexy and curves, sexy underwear is often more compliant with the human body. This requires attention to the adjustment of the posture and the shape of the expression during the trial process.By stretching and stretching limbs, the curve of the chest and hips can be strengthened, and the breath of challenges and confidence can be expressed, thereby enhancing the viewing and attractiveness of photos.

Choose the right clothing and accessories

During the shooting of underwear photos, clothing and accessories are equally important.Choose clothing and accessories that echo the underwear style and cooperate with the trial scene and background to make the photos more beautiful and creative.For example, you can match stockings, high heels, gloves, necklaces, earrings, hair accessories, etc.

Shooting skills

Pay attention to light and exposure

Light and exposure are the two important factors that determine the quality of the photo.When shooting sexy underwear, you should choose a soft and layered light environment as much as possible to avoid excessive darkness, excessive bright or contrast.In terms of exposure, the exposure can be appropriately increased to highlight the details and textures of sexy underwear.

Select the right lens and angle

Take a suitable lens and angle to shoot sexy underwear.For selfies, beginners can use beauty and filters in smartphones for shooting.For professional shooting, you can use the telephoto lens to strengthen the curve of the specific parts, and use a large aperture lens for a blurred background to make the underwear more prominent.

Special treatment and synthesis

Later treatment can not only modify the quality of photos, but also strengthen sexy and creative factors.You can use beauty and coloring functions to modify the details and problems of the skin. Use filters to adjust the color and color of the photo, and finally synthesize the photos to make a beautiful illegal album to better display the charm of underwear and individuals.


Shooting sexy underwear trial photos is not to satisfy the appreciation of others, but to show personal charm and self -confidence.Only by respecting your body and needs can you take more beautiful and natural photos.Therefore, when taking photos, you must have a clear understanding and value assessment of your body and heart.

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