There is no sexy underwear on the code

There is no sexy underwear on the code

Interest underwear is a clothing that can add interest and sex, which can make people more interesting and exciting in sexual life.In the market, we can find a variety of sexy lingerie styles, but sometimes we may encounter some sexy underwear that cannot find the number.These erotic underwear may be confused, but in fact, they have their purpose and characteristics.Next, let’s take a look at some important knowledge about sexy underwear without code numbers.

1. What is a sexy underwear without code?

Interesting underwear without code refers to the erotic lingerie that cannot be tailored according to the conventional size standard. They do not have a clear size range, such as exposing a large amount of skin’s mesh erotic underwear or no fixed -sized restraint sexy underwear.Such erotic underwear may need to be adjusted in a variety of ways when wearing to adapt to people of different figures.

2. What kind of sexy underwear does not have a code?

Most sexy underwear brands provide a variety of sizes to adapt to people of different figures.However, some erotic underwear cannot be allocated according to the size because of the special design. Such erotic underwear usually does not have code.Some mixed -match style restraints may also have no code, because these sexy underwear needs to be tailored according to different figures.

3. How to wear a sexy underwear without code?

Pay attention to the size of a sexy underwear with no code to ensure the comfort and appropriate personal degree.Some brands are equipped with adjustable shoulder straps or straps to adapt to different figures.When wearing, pay attention to avoid the feeling of excessive bondage or over looseness as much as possible.

4. What kind of figure is suitable for sexy underwear without code?

Because there is no quotable sexy underwear to make the size of the size, they are more flexible to adapt to different figures.Such sexy underwear is usually suitable for people with harmonious figure curves.Suitable for people who highlight their body advantages.

5. What are the characteristics and design of the material and design without code?

Interests without code Underwear usually focus on comfort and irritation.They are usually made of elastic materials, which can ensure a sense of personal and comfort.In design, some sexy underwear without code may have more curves and less cover range, which is more irritating.

6. What is the difference between sexy underwear and normal size underwear without code?

Compared to sexy underwear with a size range, the sexy underwear without code is more flexible to adapt to the figure.These sexy underwear is usually more obvious and exposed, which can create a more immersive sexy atmosphere.But wearing these erotic underwear requires some experience and skills to ensure comfort and safety.

7. What is the danger of sexy underwear without code?

The accidental risk that people without code are more than the erotic underwear brought by people.This is mainly because these sexy underwear needs to be adjusted multiple times to adapt to the figure, which may cause unnecessary restraint or friction.It should be very careful when wearing, maintaining healthy and comfortable.

8. How to buy sexy underwear without code?

Some professional sexy underwear stores can provide sexy underwear without code, and some brands of online stores can also be purchased.When buying such a sexy underwear, you should pay special attention to quality and safety, and choose credible merchants and brands.


Interesting underwear without code is becoming more and more popular in the market, but we must know the prerequisites and security rules of wearing such erotic underwear.Otherwise, they may affect health and comfort.

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