The excitement of sexy underwear to men

Introduction: What kind of stimulus can sex underwear have to men?

With the gradual popularization of sexual culture, sexy underwear is no longer an embarrassing and difficult topic.On the contrary, it has become one of the essential supplies for many sex lovers to stimulate each other.It can make women more sexy and seductive, and also have great attractiveness to men.However, what kind of stimulus can sexy underwear have to men?This article will analyze from two aspects of men’s physiology and psychology.

Part 1: Physiological Stimulation

The most intuitive stimulus of sexy underwear is visual.When men see women wearing sexy underwear, their brains quickly release sex hormones such as dopamine and adrenaline, making them very excited.In addition, sexy underwear can also highlight the body curve of women, making men more appreciate and long for their bodies.

Part 2: Impressing stimulation

Sexy underwear can suggest some vague and attractive information.It is a hinted dress that allows men to have an indescribable desire.Women wearing sexy underwear are like sending information to men, telling them "I am a sexy, attractive, confident and independent woman, do you want me?" Such a hint will aggravate the psychological burden of men,Forced them to have more attention and interest in women.

The third part: physical interactive stimulus

Interest underwear can not only stimulate men through vision and suggestion, but also can produce more direct stimulation through physical interaction.For example, wearing sexy underwear on bed can make men feel the female body more intuitively, and at the same time, they can also express their desires more confident and boldly.This physical interaction stimulus greatly improves men’s sexual desire.

Part 4: Pure sex stimulus

Interest underwear itself is a pure sex stimulus.When men see women wearing sexy underwear, they immediately think of the close physical contact between the two.This pure sex imagination will make men feel more excited and satisfied, and prompt them to pursue sex more actively.

Part 5: Establish a control position stimulus

Sex underwear allows women to have a greater sense of control over men.Women wearing sexy underwear can pay attention to and deeply understand the curiosity and desire of men through their own image and behavior, so as to better control and guide activities.In the face of sexy underwear, men often lose their ability to control, making women easier to obtain control.

Part 6: Improve sexual satisfaction stimulus between both parties

Sex underwear allows each other to get higher satisfaction during sexual activities.Women wearing sexy underwear will increase men’s sexual desire and excitement, and can also improve women’s sexual self -confidence and satisfaction.When the satisfaction of the two is improved, it will be easier to meet the orgasm and better meet the needs of each other’s sexual desire.

Part 7: Change Sexual Life Mode Stimulation

Sex underwear can change the traditional sex life model and increase the sexual interest of the two.Women wearing sexy underwear can take more sexual postures and skills to guide men to enter more irritating and interesting sexual activities.This changing sexual life stimulus will allow both of them to get greater sexual satisfaction and experience.

Part 8: Add intimacy stimulus

Sex underwear can enhance the intimacy between the two.Women’s wearing erotic underwear will make men pay more attention and love for them, thereby deepening their feelings.Women with sexy underwear are easier to win men’s hearts, making the relationship between each other more stable and intimate.

Conclusion: The stimulus of sexy underwear is multi -dimensional

From the perspective of physiology and psychology, the stimulus of sexy underwear to men is very many.It is not only a visual stimulus, but also a comprehensive manifestation of a variety of stimulus such as hints, physical interaction, pure sex, control status, satisfaction of both sides, changing sexual life models, and enhancement of intimacy.Of course, when choosing and wearing sexy underwear, women also need to choose according to their preferences of themselves and partners. Do not ignore men’s reactions and needs in order to truly achieve their goals.

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