Taobao sex lingerie model Papa


There are many product photos of sexy underwear models on Taobao, and some photos have even become pornographic pictures.This phenomenon is not uncommon on Taobao. In order to attract attention, many sellers use some improper means to promote products.Today, let’s talk about this phenomenon.

What is sexy underwear model?

"Papa" is a network term, which means sexual intercourse. The sexy underwear model Papa is to use some sexy postures to attract buyers when showing sexy underwear in photos, videos and other sexy pose.

How does Taobao platform supervise sexy underwear model?

As the largest e -commerce platform in China, Taobao has always adopted a "zero tolerance" attitude towards obscene pornography.On the platform, photos and videos uploaded by sellers need to be strictly reviewed. Once there are bad content such as pornography and vulgarity, they will be immediately removed and punished.

Is there a sexy underwear seller right to use sexy underwear model?

The actor’s behavior of using the sexy underwear model popping photos itself is not a problem, and this is also one of the traditional sexy lingerie promotion techniques.However, if the photo is excessively exposed or used to deceive consumers, it violates Taobao’s regulations.

Is there a promotional effect of sexy underwear model?

The sexy underwear model Papa photos have attracted the attention of many consumers, but this does not necessarily increase sales.Because sexy photos do not represent product quality, consumers are more concerned about the actual effects and comfort of sexy underwear.

How should consumers recognize the problem of problem -related sexy underwear model?

When consumers buy sexy underwear, pay attention to whether there are the following questions:

1. The photos are too sexy and exposed too much;

2. The photo does not match the actual product;

3. Photo causes discomfort visual impact.

Does the sexy underwear model popping photos cause damage to consumers?

If the photo is too exposed or exaggerated, it will cause visual impact on some consumers and affect their physical and mental health.Therefore, the seller needs to pay attention to the content and style of the photo when uploading the photos of the sexy underwear.

How to regulate the use of sexy underwear model Papa photos?

In order to regulate the use of sexy underwear model, there should be the following points:

1. The content of the photo cannot be too exposed;

2. The photos are the same as the product;

3. Do not use vulgar and obscene content.

in conclusion

The sexy underwear model Papa photos are not completely indispensable. The seller can use some sexy photos to attract consumers combined with the characteristics of their products.However, you need to pay attention to regulating your own behavior, avoid using vulgar, obscene content, and excessive exposed photos.Consumers also need to pay attention to whether the photos are too sexy and consistent with actual products.

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