Taiwan’s permanent earliest sexy underwear

Taiwan’s permanent earliest sexy underwear

Since its birth of sexy underwear, it has been a small tool for people to pursue sexy and tempting. It is said that the invention of sexy underwear has a long history.Today, what we want to say is a sexy underwear from Taiwan. It has a long history and was once called "permanent sexy underwear."


It is said that permanent erotic underwear originated in Hualien County, Taiwan.At that time, there was a stone called "reclamation stone". Many women wanted to have a close -fitting underwear made of reclamation stones to show their beauty and sexy.However, this stone is too heavy to wear it on the body. Therefore, the local artisans can use the smooth characteristics of the surface of the reclamation stone to invented a kind of sexy underwear.This sexy underwear is hailed as "permanent erotic lingerie" because it is sturdy and durable, and it can maintain the original appearance even if it has experienced a hundred years.


In addition to reclaiming stones, other materials are also used for permanent erotic underwear.It mainly includes hooks made of hemp ropes, bamboo crickets and green bamboo.These materials are added to form this solid underwear, which makes people feel unique and comfortable after putting on.


Although the materials are rough and not too comfortable, the craftsmen of Hualien County still make underwear very tempting through the clever design.There are four main styles: bra, silk skirt, corset and straps.These styles are simple but charming.


Although permanent sexy underwear has been rarely mentioned, it is indeed an important part of sexy underwear.In addition, many local women still inherit this craft and believe that it represents part of Taiwan’s folk culture.This inheritance not only knows the history of permanent sexy underwear. In this skill, Hualien County, Taiwan has also become one of the representatives of traditional handicrafts.

Modernization improvement

With the advancement of technology, today’s sexy lingerie styles are more colorful, and fabric comfort has also been improved.Of course, the long -lasting handmade sexy underwear has become outdated.In addition to retaining traditional handicrafts, modern sexy underwear also combines modern design concepts.This improvement brings more diverse sexy lingerie styles and a better dressing experience.

Diverse options

Modern sexy underwear has a very diverse choice.They can be sexy, charming, gentle, and many different fabrics to choose from, such as silk, lace, cotton, etc.These diverse choices enable people to choose a style that suits them, thereby adding more fun to their own lives.

Sexy art

Interest underwear is not just a tool, it is also sexy art.It can be said that through the performance of design, color, material, etc., it shows the sexy and beauty of women.Because of this, sexy underwear has become one of the essential boutiques for many fashion women.

Pass beautifully

Interest underwear is not a item that can be purchased or produced casually. It requires people to design and make patiently. It is a process of breeding a beautiful process.This beauty was also passed on to those who put it on, making them happy and charming.


All erotic underwear represents women’s softness, sexy and pursuit of beauty.Their design, fabrics, and colors will fulfill this pursuit.Permanent sex underwear represents the folk craftsmanship and tradition, and it is also a milestone in the history of sexy underwear.The current sex lingerie not only absorbs the essence of traditional handicrafts, but also combines modern design methods, allowing people to enjoy the fun brought by this sexy art.

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