Summer new sex lingerie brand recommendation

Summer new sex lingerie brand recommendation

1. Simple and sharp sexy style

Simple and neat sexy style has always been one of the core of sexy underwear design. In the summer of 2021, this style still leads the trend.In this summer, the underwear series from the brand "Lelo" must be worth mentioning.This series of design uses simple and generous lines, showing the pursuit of physical beauty, perfectly showing the charm of women.

2. Reveal the cool cotton underwear

In hot summer, comfort is particularly important.The brand "Thinx" has created a cotton underwear that reveals cool cotton.This underwear is designed with pure cotton fabrics and grid cloth, which is breathable and light, while reducing the breeding of sweat, so that you can keep it dry even in the hot weather.

3. Charm embroidery details

The details of embroidery are the weapon to add sexual attractiveness.The brand "Agent Provocateur" uses this element in its 2021 summer series.This underwear uses lace and embroidery, showing elegance and mysterious beauty, creating a sense of charm, and at the same time, it makes women a charming atmosphere.

4. Romantic lace lace

Lace lace is regarded as a frequent guest of sexy underwear, and its classic and romantic aesthetic still is still popular.The brand "Cosabella" uses solid -colored lace lace to make underwear in its 2021 summer series, so that women have softness and romance at the same time.

5. The combination of exercise and sexy

Sports underwear and sexy underwear seem to be unrelated, but the brand "Le Mystee" combines the two.The brand launched a underwear that combines sports and sexy elements.This underwear uses breathable fabric and copper buckle design, allowing women to show their sexy charm while exercising.

6. Bold printing

Printing is a vivid and interesting element, and it can be used on sexy underwear to add a sense of vitality and fun.In the summer series "Hanky Panky", the printed element is boldly used to create fun and sexy underwear products, showing the young, relaxed and cheerful side of women.

7. Playful and sexy stockings set

Interest stockings and sexy underwear have been innovative since ancient times, and the brand "Leg Avenue" has pushed this kind of match to the extreme.The summer series contains a playful and sexy stockings suit, which uses the design of Chel suit and beautiful bow details, which undoubtedly has become the focus of this summer.

8. New life of classic styles

Classic underwear is an indispensable part of the sexy underwear industry.The brand "La Perla" presents a classic style underwear in its summer series in its summer series.Transparent lace, gorgeous hook flowers and slim tailoring make women look fashionable and novel on the basis of traditional aesthetics, showing women’s nobleness and elegance.

9. Shares show female charm

The design of the shares has always been one of the iconic elements in sexy underwear.The brand "Bordelle" launched a cup and share design underwear in its summer series.This underwear adopts unusual palette and lines, showing women’s elegance, sexy and courage.

10. Interesting detail elements

The detail elements are an important way to reflect the differentiated design of sexy underwear. The brand "Bluebella" also uses interesting detail elements in its summer series, such as pearls and lace decorations, making underwear more unique and simple, making women show their beautiful themselves.At the same time, it is more pursuing and picky about beauty.


In summer, the sexy underwear is recommended in the best performance of integration comfort and beauty. Whether it is a simple and fresh design, or a playful and sexy element, it is the best choice to add sexy and charm.I hope these recommendations can bring more beautiful and special experiences to your summer.

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