Stand -style sexy underwear

Stand -style sexy underwear

Stand -style sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a very popular sexy clothing in recent years, and band -style sexy underwear is one of the leaders.The design of the strap is simple, but it can significantly enhance the overall sexy and aesthetics.In this article, we will discuss what is a band -style sexy underwear, as well as its various types and wearing skills.

What is a band -style sexy underwear?

The band -style erotic underwear, as the name suggests, is used in the underwear design as an embellishment.It can be divided into suspenders, back -back, mesh bands and cross -type.The type and combination method of the strap varies from style to the style, which can not only construct a refreshing feeling, but also create a strong sexy.The role of the band is not only a beautiful decoration, but also enhances comfort during leisure, so that the wearer feels more freedom and relaxation.

Suspender -style sexy underwear

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The suspender strap is the most basic design. It can optimize the shoulder lines and release sexy physical feel.In addition, it can be adjusted slightly with the chest to improve the tightness and three -dimensional sense of the chest collar.The camisole is the first choice for many sexy pajamas, which is convenient and practical.It is suitable for most people to wear. Whether it is casual or sexy charm at night, it can easily hold it.

Back -back band sexy underwear

Back -back sexy underwear is another excellent strap style. It can greatly enhance the beauty of the back and release a sexy and sexy feeling.Back -back underwear often increases the design of broadband trim, and piles more abundant and seductive effects.Almost all styles of sexy underwear can be designed in the form of back -to -back, bringing more choices and diversity to the wearer.

Net -shaped with sexy underwear

The design of the mesh belt is often used in the lap and rubber band of sexy underwear.It can further reduce the coverage of sexy underwear, release sexy and beautiful, and make people intoxicated in strong sexy charm and visual beauty.

Cross -type band sexy underwear

Cross -band -style sexy underwear has sexy needs for the upper body, but also takes into account the protection and comfort of the lower body.The cross belt makes the sexy underwear present a sense of layering and three -dimensional sense, enhance the three -dimensional sense of clothing, can better shape the body shape of the wearer, make the entire accessories more unusual and sexy.

Who is suitable for wearing a strap -style sexy underwear?

If you want to have a higher sexy proportions and body modification effects, band -style sexy underwear is definitely your first choice.It can meet the needs of different body types, suitable for women with big breasts/small breasts/flat breasts, and supporting underwear will better make the breasts more upright.Belt sexy underwear is also suitable for female women, which is thin and tight, but not sexy. It can be used for company underwear or out -of -the -on -one occasions. It is not only suitable for intimate partners to wear naked and intimidating, but also suitable for home or sleeping.You can match it at will in various occasions and environments, so that your beauty is everywhere.

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How to choose the right band -style sexy underwear?

Select according to your body characteristics, such as trying to emphasize the shoulder lines, then choose a suspender -style sexy underwear; if you want to show the sexy and fullness of the back, you can choose a back -back sexy underwear.If you are bright skin tone and thick flesh, choose a wider band, which can not only strengthen comfort, but also better tolerate the body curve.Finally, when you choose a band -style sexy underwear, remember to choose the color that suits your skin tone and the style suitable for you. Only in this way can you release the sexy charm of the sexy underwear to the greatest extent.


Stand -style erotic underwear is a beautiful and generous and functional sexy underwear. Its existence not only makes the wearer more free and comfortable, increase a lot of sexy and sexy temperament, but also adapt to different occasions and different wear stylesEssenceWe hope that this article can better let you understand the band -style sexy underwear and guide you to choose the sexy underwear that suits you best.