Shenzhen sex lingerie manufacturer

Shenzhen sex lingerie manufacturer

Shenzhen sex lingerie manufacturer: 8 sexy underwear styles you should know

Interest underwear has always added more fun and happiness to the sexual life of couples and couples.Shenzhen sexy underwear manufacturers have won the favor of the majority of sexy underwear enthusiasts with their rich products, guarantee quality and continuous innovative design.This article will introduce the practical styles of 8 Shenzhen sex underwear manufacturers.

1. Open crotch sex underwear: Release President in sex

Open crotch erotic underwear is one of the essential items of sexy underwear. Its distinctive feature is that the crotch is opened ahead, making sex smoother and more smooth.It has a variety of styles, such as G string type, triangular pants, and T trousers, which can meet the needs of different customers.

Second, hollowing fun underwear: symbol of sexy temptation

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Want to quickly ignite the passion of the lover?Then choose a hollow underwear.It is characterized by setting up multiple openings on the underwear, exposing chests, waist, etc., making people wear more mysterious and seductive sexy.

Third, lace sexy underwear: the representative of women’s elegance

Lace erotic underwear has become a representative of women’s sexy lingerie.It is loved by women in its noble and elegant style.Whether it is sleeping or matching, it can achieve excellent results.

Fourth, body -shaping sexy underwear: the perfect body of the sculpture

The body -shaping erotic underwear not only has the attributes of sexy underwear, but also can help improve the shape and sculpts the perfect figure.The wearer can create a graceful figure unknowingly, and achieve the perfect state where you can get dual effects when you wear it.

Fifth, the boss mode of sexy underwear: the absolute right to control sex

The boss mode is a kind of sexy clothing that is centered on the personality owner (usually playing the role of the boss) to allow the spouse to obey the dominance as a subordinate character.The overall color system usually chooses black, silver or pink, etc. It represents influence, home property or the elegance of women’s elegance and gentleness.

Six, SM sex lingerie: try fresh

For those who like SM, if there is no suitable set of sexy underwear, it will reduce the entire experience.Shenzhen sexy underwear manufacturers provide such customers with various styles of SM sex underwear, allowing them to enjoy the thrill of control and control in SM games.

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Seven, students’ sexy underwear: return to the old age

Students’ erotic underwear is designed to cater to those who are eager to "return to the old".This kind of sexy underwear is not only cute, but also very soft color. Whether it is short skirt or sleeveless vest, it is very childlike and loved by young people.

8. Moni color sexy underwear: full of romance

The color of the Morandic color sexy underwear is similar to the popular fashion, giving people an elegant, soft and romantic visual enjoyment.It can not only increase interest and make daily life more romantic and rich.


Shenzhen sex underwear manufacturers have various sexy lingerie styles and their own characteristics.Choosing a suitable sexy underwear can not only ignite the intimacy, but also enjoy the unique experience of wearing it.