Shanghai International Sex Lingerie Show

Shanghai International Sex Lingerie Show


The Shanghai International Sexy Underwear Show is an annual event, which has attracted many international and local sexy underwear brands to participate.The scale of this exhibition is larger than in previous years, and the new product display is more exciting. Many popular styles have also been updated and improved.Here are some highlights I found at the exhibition.

Classic style reproduction

At the exhibition, many classic erotic lingerie styles were re -presented in front of the audience.For example, a 7 -point sleeve lace dress is dotted with exquisite lace lace, exuding extremely sexy charm; three -point lace suit, deep V -neck design, perfectly showing the chest curve; and classic black leather adjustment restraint suits, suitable for those who like those who likeSM’s sex player.

Innovative and comfortable design

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At this exhibition, many brands emphasized that sexy underwear not only requires sexy, but also needs comfort.Therefore, they have launched a new product series that likes comfortable customers.All kinds of soft fabrics, traceless design, perfect breathability, and the design of ergonomics meet the comfort of modern people.The quality and design of these products are impeccable.

Sexy leather series

Many sexy underwear lovers like sexy leather styles, after all, they can enhance charm and self -confidence.At this exhibition, there are not only leather underwear with diverse colors and unique colors, but also some sets with strong three -dimensional and strong design sense.These products suitable for all kinds of body types can meet the needs of meat sense beauty, thin girls, and lovers who are lean.

Interest underwear in the new era

Now, more and more sexy underwear brands have begun to pay attention to environmental protection and choose high -quality environmental protection materials in fabrics and processing technologies.These environmentally friendly materials can effectively reduce unnecessary waste and pollution to the environment.These brands also follow moral standards to ensure the fairness and rationality of production.At the exhibition, the brand promoted its moral practice and gained the affirmation and support of the audience.

Follow the large size market

At this exhibition, the brands not only launched a product series of small and standard sizes, but also designed countless high -quality underwear products for large size customers, which not only meets the needs of various large size, but also combines sexy and fashionable and fashionable., Show the essence of the huge market.

Style to multi -culturalism

At the exhibition, many brands from all over the world participated. Their design inspiration and style have their own characteristics.The design of some brands is inspired by the ancient national culture, giving people a mysterious and romantic feeling; some are modernist and avant -garde; some are design inspiration full of artistic and philosophical sense.This diverse style reflects the multicultural values of sexy lovers of men and women.

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The combination of technology and interest

Many brands apply the latest technology to the design and manufacturing of sexy underwear.Through Bluetooth control and induction technology, the underwear has a richer and wider application scenario, which has changed the positioning of traditional sexy underwear.This high -tech design will definitely become more popular and widely used in the future.

High -end luxury series

Many brands of luxury series respond to the taste of high -end consumers.The design and materials of these high -end products are very beautiful and high -quality.Some products are incorporated into metal silk, natural pearls and other elements, making sexy underwear very noble and luxurious.These designs show unparalleled elegance and luxury, and are representatives of high -end quality.

in conclusion

The Shanghai International Sex Lingerie Exhibition is exciting.This exhibition is a stage for sex underwear brands to show its own stage, and it is also an important platform for sex underwear enthusiasts to understand the frontiers and interaction of the market.I hope to see more innovative and amazing design and products in the future exhibition.