Sexy underwear translation

Sexy underwear translation

What is sexy underwear?

Interests of lingerie, as the name suggests, are underwear that is used to enhance interest, stimulate desire and improve sexual life.It is different from traditional underwear and is more advanced and avant -garde.The pleasure experience brought by sexy underwear clothing is irreplaceable. It allows you to liberate from the traditional pleasure experience and enter a new realm of pleasure.

Sex of sex underwear

Generally speaking, sexy underwear can be divided into four categories: beauty sex lingerie, sexy lingerie, adult sex lingerie and European and American sex underwear.

Beauty sexy sheet

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Beauty sexy underwear is a sexy underwear that focuses on women’s body aesthetics and emphasizes women’s body curves.This sexy underwear often uses a variety of different materials and styles to meet the needs of different customers.For example, Public Toilet Lingerie in Japan, the degree of sexy will never disappoint you.

Sexy lingerie

Sexual feelings emphasize the desire and hope of sex.It usually uses antique style or modern and high -tech materials to enhance the two sexual lust burning points.In a fierce sexual life, you can experience the ultimate experience brought by this clothes, which will make your pleasure.

Adult sexy underwear

Adult erotic underwear is a kind of underwear designed for adults, helping adults to solve sexuality problems, enhance sexual experience, and stimulate romantic emotions.They are usually comfortable, durable, and diverse and creative.The particularly sexy effect of this sexy underwear is amazing, which is amazing that their unique design is amazing.

European and American sexy underwear

European and American sexy underwear is famous for its luxurious, fashionable and luxurious style.It integrates different design elements and uses the latest material technology to create a unique style full of charm and temptation.If you want to try sexy, hot, and diverse sexy underwear, then choose European and American sexy underwear.

Selection of sex underwear

Choosing a sexy underwear is not an easy task.Although everyone’s psychology and physiological are different, consumers who are sexy underwear need to choose the style that suits them according to their needs, body shape, style, and personality.Moreover, the size, quality, and comfort of sexy underwear are very important.Therefore, you must try it on before buying.If you have uncertain style and quality, it is best to look at the evaluation of other consumers first, and then make a decision.

Sexy Costumes

Falling underwear maintenance

Improper care for sexy underwear is very easy to damage, so hygienic maintenance is very important.It is recommended to use a professional detergent for cleaning, and do not rub it with your hands to avoid deformation.When washing, avoid confusing other clothes and mixing multiple colors to prevent dyeing and damaging fabrics.In the process of washing and drying, we need to pay attention to temperature and instant drying to prevent mildew fabrics.

The effect of sexy underwear wearing

The wearing of sexy underwear has a great impact on sexual experience and sexual behavior.Putting on a good sexy underwear can make yourself more confident and charm, bringing different visual enjoyment and sensory stimuli, effectively enhance interest and sexy.In addition, the wearing of sexy underwear can also strengthen the emotions between husband and wife and increase the sweetness of sexual life.

Precautions before buying sexy underwear

For those who use sexy underwear for the first time, it is best to investigate and consult in advance, and choose them in conjunction with their actual situation to avoid buying a style that is not suitable for you.In addition, there is a certain relationship between the price and quality of the purchase of sexy underwear.The expensive sexy underwear may have the advantages of design and material. The quality and comfort are higher, but it is not absolute. It requires objective evaluation.


Generally speaking, choosing a sexy underwear or an increase in sex may help the sexual life of many husbands and wives.In terms of enriching emotional life and sex life, sexy underwear can help you continue to experience a pleasant feeling.