Sexy underwear reconstruction novels

Sexy underwear reconstruction novels

Creative revelation

Interest underwear has always been sexy and charming representatives.But in recent years, many people have begun to transform them on their basis, giving it more creative elements.These transformation works can not only convey a different kind of beauty, but also express the designer’s understanding of sex and emotional relationships.

Use gorgeous embroidery

In some sexy underwear, designers usually use gorgeous embroidery.These embroidery look like artistic pictures, and some use sequins and jewelry, exuding flashing light.

Intimate thickened pads

Asymmetrical Long Lace & Mesh Gown With G-String – A010

Reforming sexy underwear on the original basis can not only increase its beauty, but also make it better to wear.For example, add thickened pads inside the underwear to make the chest look more beautiful.

Unique material

In addition, when selecting materials, you can also use some unique materials, such as smooth silk and high -end satin to create a different effect visually.

Use tassel and lace

As a common element in sexy underwear, tassel and lace have been widely used in the modified underwear.The use of tassels and lace on the chest and hips can make underwear more sexy and charming.

Choose the right color

Choosing a suitable color is also a way to transform sexy underwear.For example, bright red, deep black and soft nude pink have their own beauty and charm.

Combined with chic high waist skirt

For the matching of underwear, some unique high -waisted short skirts can be combined to make the overall shape more perfect.This is not only a popular trend, but also a way to interpret sexy beauty.

Plus Tops

Incorporate the cute cartoon image

In addition, some designers show amazing creativity, incorporating the cute cartoon image into sexy underwear, making underwear more interesting and unique.

Create a personalized style

Therefore, we can transform sexy underwear through various ways to make them more distinctive.These transformations not only show fashion aesthetics, but also show the unique personalized style of everyone.


It does not require too much funds and conditions to transform sex underwear. As long as you have creativity and courage, you can make your underwear unique and charming.It can not only enhance its self -confidence and charm, but also another way to show its unique charm.