Sexy underwear and underwear three -point style

Sexy underwear and underwear three -point style

Sexy and comfortable three -point sexy lingerie underwear

In the pursuit of sexy underwear, it also focuses on comfort, while the three -point erotic underwear combines sexy and comfortable.Three -point sexy underwear is a kind of underwear composed of three parts: upper, lower, and pants. Below, let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of three -point sexy underwear and how to choose.

Upper part: bra

The upper part of the three -point sexy underwear and underwear is generally bra. For the choice of the upper part, it should be determined according to its own chest shape.If a woman with a small breast can choose a filling style, and if a woman with large breasts is a bra, you must choose a bra with a underwear belt, so as to better support the breast and avoid breast sagging.At the same time, a soft and breathable fabric should be selected in the material to avoid being too tight and compressing the chest.

Below: thong

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The lower part of the three -point erotic underwear and underwear is usually thongs. This style can better highlight the curve of the hips, but it also needs to pay attention to the problem of comfort.When choosing, you should choose a comfortable and soft fabric to avoid stimulating the skin, and you should choose a suitable size of the size to avoid discomfort caused by inappropriate wear.

Pants part: T -pants

The pants of the three -point sexy underwear and underwear are usually T -shaped pants. This style has left more imagination space, but it also requires more skills in wearing.When choosing, you should choose the style that fit your waist to ensure that the pants are not easy to slip.At the same time, because T -shaped pants may be tight, we must choose soft and comfortable fabrics to ensure smooth wear.

Material selection

For sexy underwear and underwear, material is a very important part.When choosing, you can choose filament, cotton and other fabrics, but it should be noted that the soft and breathable fabric should be selected and avoiding the too tight material, otherwise it will affect the comfort of wearing.

Keep the key to sexy: degree of degree

For three -point sexy underwear and underwear, it is very important to disclose sexy, but it is also necessary to pay attention to moderate grasping.Excessive disclosure may make people feel unexpected; too little revealed will affect its sexy effect.Therefore, when choosing a three -point erotic underwear and underwear, you need to comprehensively consider your body, temperament and other factors, and appropriately disclose your body charm.

Color: Black is never out of date

The color of the three -point sexy underwear and underwear is also very important. It is also a skill to choose the color that suits you best.Black is a good choice when choosing, because it can make people feel sexy charm in both visually and nervous.

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Exquisite detail design

The exquisite details of the three -point sexy underwear and underwear are also very important.In terms of decoration, you can choose elements inlaid, lace, mesh and other elements, which can make three -point sexy underwear and underwear more charming.But at the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the details of the details should not be too cumbersome, otherwise it will affect the overall effect.

Brand choice

The brand of sexy underwear and panties is also an important factor affecting its quality.When choosing a brand, you can first understand the brand’s popularity, word of mouth, and other aspects, as well as the real materials and crafts of the product.Choosing a brand with a good reputation can better ensure the quality of the underwear.


You need to pay attention to some details when wearing three -point sexy underwear.Before wearing, wash and clean to avoid bacterial residues affect health; and avoid long -term wear to avoid problems such as skin allergies.


The choice of three -point erotic underwear and underwear needs to be comprehensively considered in terms of comfort, color, material, design, brand and other aspects.When choosing, follow moderately disclosed the charm of the body, avoid too tedious details, and choose a brand with good reputation, which can make you wear a more sexy and charming temperament.