Sexy underwear and underwear making

Sexy underwear and underwear making

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear and underwear generally refers to sexy, transparent, lace and other design elements underwear underwear. The main purpose is to improve the sexual life experience and add interest and stimulation.

Common sexy underwear intake style style

Common sexy underwear and pants style mainly include:

Sexy underwear set: including two or three sexy underwear, with diverse design, you can choose the favorite style and color.

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Coquettish underwear: It is usually sexy underwear such as conspicuous details, embroidery, lace, lace or split design.

Half cup and full cup underwear: Traditional underwear is a must -have style for women, but its practicality is relatively strong.

Funeral underwear and underwear materials

Common sexy underwear and underwear materials include:

Silk: Good luster and soft texture, suitable for cutting into a large -scale transparent design, such as the edge of the underwear.

Lace: There is obvious bumpy feeling, which is mostly used to design exquisite sexy underwear and underwear.

Cotton: comfortable and breathable, usually used for bottom pants matching.

The production process of sexy underwear and panties

Sex underwear production generally includes the following steps:

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Design: Design according to the need to make.

Tailor: According to the design, the required materials are cut into specific shapes.

Sewing: Sewing the tailored cloth.

Attachment: such as shoulder straps, hook buckles, elastic bands, etc.

Self -maintenance of sexy underwear and underwear

If it is incorrect to maintain sexy underwear, they may lose their sexy design, so you need to pay attention to the following points when washing: the following points:

Hand washing: Avoid using washing machines and dryers, because friction can cause sexy underwear to be damaged.

Use a mild cleaner: Do not use strong detergents because they may cause damage to sexy underwear materials.

Avoid the sun: Because the sun will turn the underwear discoloration and deformation.

How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you, you can have the following references:

Body: When choosing sexy underwear, you need to fully consider your body. Fighting is the most comfortable.

Design: Different people may have different choices for design. You can buy underwear with comfortable touch and unique design.

Uses: If you want to be used for sex, you can selectively sexy, stimulating, and special features of underwear.

Market status quo of sexy underwear and underwear

With the popularization of sexual culture and the improvement of people’s requirements for life, the market for sex underwear and panties has been greatly developed, and it has gradually been favored by people.

Controversy about sexy underwear and panties

Although the market for sex underwear and panties is constantly heating up, it also faces some controversy.For example, some of these styles are too sexy or even teasing, causing moral and ethical disputes.

The relationship between sexy underwear and sexual life and sexual life

Interest underwear and underwear can bring people different sexual stimuli and pleasure to enhance sexual life experience.For those who like to try all kinds of new things, sexy underwear and underwear can allow them to try a new colorful sex experience.


Overall, the sexy underwear and underwear market cooperate with people’s increasing quality of life and acceptance of sexual culture.Under the combination of healthy, comfortable, and fitted underwear, people can get a richer and diverse experience.