Sexy underwear 2019 market prospects

Sexy underwear 2019 market prospects

Sexy underwear 2019 market prospects


In the new era of sexual cultural change and female sexual consciousness, sex underwear is no longer a niche product in the past, but is becoming more and more popular.According to the survey, the global sexy underwear market in 2019 reached US $ 10 billion, and it is expected to continue to grow in the next few years.

market trend

The market trend shows three main directions:

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Customized: More and more brands have begun to provide personalized sexy underwear services to meet the diverse needs of people.

Intelligence: Interesting underwear began to have intelligent chips, with the help of VR technology to bring users a more comprehensive and authentic emotional experience.

Green Environmental Protection: Interesting underwear manufacturers began to pay attention to environmental protection and launch products of environmental protection materials.

Brand competition

At present, the mainstream sexy underwear brands are mainly the following:

Victoria’s Secret: As a global leader in sexy underwear, sales have always been at the forefront.

Ravijour: Brands from Japan, providing a series of high -quality sexy underwear, are very popular.

Agent Provocateur: The British brand adds an elegance and added value to the sexy sexy underwear.

La Perla: Brands from Italy, pursue elegant, sexy and confident women like it.

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Consumer groups

Consumers who have demand for sex underwear mainly include:

Women who are between 20-40 years of age have a certain pursuit of sexual experience.

Men, buy sexy underwear as a gift to girlfriend, wife and other close relationships.

LGBT group: Homosexuality, bisexuals and other groups have greater demand.

Like a new middle class that prefers the quality of life and pays attention to healthy life.

Sales channels

At present, sex underwear brands are sold through the following ways:

Physical stores: The specialty stores in major business districts are gradually popularized, and products can be more intuitive to show products, including styles, materials, and quality.

E -commerce platforms: Taobao, and other e -commerce platforms have become the main channels for sex underwear sales, which are convenient and quickly favored by many young people.

Social media: Brands put advertisements on social media platforms, and sell sex underwear through online celebrities to attract consumers to buy.

Product development trend

In the 2019 market, sexy underwear continuously integrates new technologies and new materials to present the following characteristics:

Light and breathable: products with strong breathability and hygroscopic resistance are loved by consumers.

Mao woolen fabric: Mao woolen material, shaping the image of fresh and pleasant, is loved by young women.

Functional is stronger: In addition to the attention of beauty underwear, it is also pursuing practicality, such as design and matching with various skin care products.

Rear market response

In the future, the trend of sexy underwear market is: the market size is continuously expanded, customer demand continues to increase, and the quality and alienation of sexy underwear products will be more attention.The sexy underwear industry has continued to grow in the process of marketization, and its product positioning is becoming more and more diverse. For the sexy underwear market, the future will be full of infinite development opportunities.

In summary, the sex underwear industry will continue to grow and grow in the next few years, and brand competition and consumer groups will continue to expand.Innovation and quality are the two key points in the development of the industry in the future. Interesting underwear companies should continue to cultivate these two aspects, continue to broaden the market, and meet consumer needs.