Sex underwear trademark registration

Sex underwear trademark registration

Significance of sexy underwear trademark protection

The market demand for sex underwear has continued to increase, and the number of brands is also growing rapidly.But in fierce market competition, how to protect your brand has become an important issue.Among them, trademarks are an important protection measure, which can effectively prevent infringement and counterfeiting.

Trademark registration process

Trademark registration is an important means to protect the brand. The process generally includes consulting, application, substantive review, announcement, and registration.Specifically, you need to select the appropriate trademark category and registered areas, provide trademark samples and related information, and make a trademark announcement after passing the review, and finally obtain a trademark registration certificate.

Interesting underwear trademark registration precautions

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When registering trademarks, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Trademarks should be significant and independent, and cannot be similar to registered or applied for a registered trademark;

2. The trademark style should be consistent with the products sold;

3. Provide accurate and complete trademark information and information;

4. Trademark applications need to pay a certain fee.

Trademark renewal

After the trademark is registered, the renewal is required to maintain the effectiveness of the trademark.Trademarks should be applied for 6 months in advance. The specific processes and conditions can consult the Trademark Office or related professional institutions.

Trademark objection and invalid announcement

After the trademark registration, the trademark objection and invalid announcement proposed by others may be encountered.In this case, it is necessary to prepare materials and defense in time, or entrust professional institutions to proxy.

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Trademark infringement lawsuit

In the sex underwear market, cases that infringe trademark rights also occur from time to time.If there is a trademark infringement, you need to take legal means to protect your rights in a timely manner to protect your rights and interests.

International trademark registration

As the sexy underwear brand moves towards the international market, choosing international trademark registration can effectively protect their intellectual property rights and further expand the brand’s influence.

Trademark review

Trademark review refers to the application mentioned by the parties who decide the administrative processing decision such as trademark objections or not register.During the trademark review, sufficient evidence and defense materials need to be prepared to obtain the support of the review committee.

Declaration of trademark invalidation

The invalidation of trademark refers to the fact that the trademark registered before the trademark registration can be effective restrictions on trademark rights.The main reasons include defects or false situations during trademark registration.


Maintaining the trademark rights of sexy underwear brands is a long and tedious process, but it is also a necessary condition for ensuring the survival and development of the brand.Brand owners need to fully understand the relevant knowledge of trademark registration and protection, actively carry out trademark rights protection, and escort the brand’s future development.