Sex underwear owner and courier

Sex underwear owner and courier

On the eve of opening

Lina is a young girl who loves fashion and beauty.During college, she had a lot of styles and brands in the spare time.After graduating, she thought she had the opportunity to open a sexy underwear shop in this field.

Choose the right courier company

Lina’s shop chooses to operate a beauty of sexy underwear. These underwear styles are complicated and requires high -quality distribution and maintenance.In order to ensure the quality of express services, Lina began to find a reliable courier company to check its insurance coverage, delivery time and service quality.

Preparation before delivery

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Before delivery, Lina will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the goods to ensure their integrity and quality.She will carefully package each package to prevent potential damage or loss.

The timeliness of express delivery

The timeliness of the courier company is critical to Lina’s business.When the customer places the order, they expect to receive underwear as soon as possible.Therefore, the courier company selected by Lina must be able to deliver unsuccessful underwear in a timely manner.

Protect privacy

Because of the nature of sexy underwear, protecting customers’ privacy is particularly important.Her courier company needs to be able to handle the professionalism of sensitive information.

Replace the courier company regularly

Although Lina chose a very reliable courier company, she knew that not all companies were perfect.Therefore, she will regularly check the situation of other express companies and make changes at any time to ensure that her customers receive the best service.

The professionalism of the courier

The professionalism of the courier plays a vital role in the quality of express services.When the courier is delivered to the order, they must know how to handle underwear and the corresponding customer private information.

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Do a good job of records and communication

After each delivery, Lina will record the quality of the courier service and store the records in time to communicate with the courier company.If there is any problem, she will try my best to communicate with the courier company and solve the customer’s problems.

client feedback

Accepting customers’ feedback is part of the service quality.Lina encourages customers to share their express experience and always strive to improve her work.


Being an excellent sexy underwear shop owner needs to have a variety of skills and knowledge, and the courier service is an important part of it.In order to provide customers with the best express service, we need to choose a reliable courier company and ensure that they provide standards that meet the standards.When dealing with the courier company, remember the importance of them to ensure that your customers are satisfied and come back.