Sex underwear China needs

Sex underwear China needs

Overview of Chinese sex underwear market

With the development of the times and the update of ideological ideas, China’s sexy underwear market has gradually emerged, becoming a popular industry for merchants and consumers.According to market surveys, the overall scale of the domestic sex products market in 2017 has exceeded 80 billion yuan, of which about 1/4 of the love lingerie market accounts for about 1/4.

Domestic sex lingerie consumer group

There are two main consumer groups in domestic sex underwear. One is sexy in sexual life between husband and wife, and the other is sexy underwear products provided by women to satisfy women’s sexy and beautiful pursuit of themselves.

Sexy lingerie style

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The sales of sexy underwear are hot. The most popular styles are suspenders, bikinis, and hollow types. The color is mainly used in black and red to withdraw the mature charm and enthusiasm of women.

Falling underwear material

Sexy underwear of different materials will give people different visual and touch feelings.For example, the sexy underwear made of cotton is comfortable and breathable, suitable for daily wear.The erotic underwear of silk, lace and other materials has a soft texture and comfortable wearing, creating a sexy and elegant atmosphere.

Sex of sex underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must consider your personal body shape and body advantage, and choose the model and style that suits you.At the same time, we must also pay attention to the fabrics of the underwear to ensure quality, safety and health.

Falling underwear maintenance

Interest underwear needs special maintenance to maintain the excellent appearance and material.In daily maintenance, cold water hands should be used to avoid wear and improper pressure.At the same time, it cannot be completely rely on washing machine cleaning to avoid damaging the material and shape of the sexy lingerie.

Spring underwear price

In the domestic market, the price range of sexy underwear is relatively wide. Generally, the price of sexy underwear is between 50 yuan and 300 yuan.Some famous brand sexy underwear brands are generally high, and the price is generally above 500 yuan.


Domestic sex lingerie development prospects

At present, the size of the sex underwear market has continued to expand, and market competition has become fierce. In the future, the development prospects of the domestic sex underwear market are very broad.Consumers’ requirements for sexy underwear and quality have gradually improved, and the good expansion of brand strength and sales channels is also essential.

The domestic sex lingerie market should expand sales channels

At present, the domestic sex underwear market lacks special sales channels, and the sales channels for major e -commerce platforms are limited.The construction and promotion of offline stores should be strengthened, while pushing sex underwear into the public’s field of vision, and further expanding the size of the sex underwear market.


Sexy underwear has developed rapidly in the domestic market, and its future development prospects are very broad.Consumers’ demand for sexy underwear is also increasing, and its expansion of sales channels and brand promotion has positive significance and effect.It is believed that the sexy underwear market will show richer and diverse development trends.