Open gear sex underwear suit

Open gear sex underwear suit

Open gear sex underwear suit

For sexy underwear, open crotch underwear is a special setting.This setting allows you to wear it without having to take off the sex underwear in the process of sex, thereby increasing the sexy and practicality of sexy underwear.The open crotch panties seem to be very simple, but it has a variety of designs and different applications.In the following article, four common types of open crotch underwear and several variants will be introduced.

1. Open crotch shorts

Open crotch shorts is a very popular sexy lingerie style.This style is usually tight and can perfectly show the curve of women.After careful design of the open crotch, it can maintain the comfort and convenience in the process of sex.This kind of erotic underwear is suitable for women who want to keep their nakedness in the process of sex, and they are also suitable for women who want to improve their sexy temperament.

2. Open crotch G string pants

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Compared with the open crotch shorts, the open crotch G string pants put more focus on nakedness.This sexy lingerie style usually has only a small amount of materials, and it is very brave in design.If you want to show your beauty and sexy, then open crotch G string pants will be a good choice.However, it also has some impact on comfort, so it is more suitable for women who only want to wear sexy underwear in the process of sex.

3. Pants with a fork

Some women like slit panties, but others think it will make themselves uncomfortable.If you are between the two, you can consider using a fork underwear.This design can meet the needs of slit without affecting sexy and comfort.If you want to try sexy sexy underwear, but do not want to be completely naked in the process of sex, then panties with a fork may be a good choice.

4. Open crotch conjoined clothes

Even physical clothes are a very popular type in sexy underwear because it can wrap the entire body tightly.The design of the open crotch is very similar to the ordinary conjoined suit, but it increases the open crotch part, thereby increasing comfort and convenience.If you want to wear a sexy sexy underwear and don’t want to take off it in the whole process of sex, then open crotch and dressing clothes will be a good choice.

5. Enchanting underwear

The enchanting underwear is a very special design.They can open and close when needed, thereby protecting women’s private parts and increasing the convenience of sex.This kind of sexy underwear is very suitable for women who want to maintain privacy, and also applicable to couples who want to improve the quality of sex.


Open crotch underwear is a very special type in sexy underwear.They can increase sexy and convenient, and bring a better sex experience to the couple.No matter what type of open crotch you want to choose, remember to ensure comfort and quality. Only in this way can you really enjoy the wonderful experience brought by this sexy underwear in the process of sex.