Japan’s sexy underwear and underwear map


来自 是 Underwear is a sexy underwear brand from Japan. It also has a certain reputation in the domestic market. Its sexy, high -quality, and unique design style has won many people like.

Style classification

There are many types of sexy underwear, which can be divided into the following categories from the style:


Lace sexy underwear

Ship socks/net socks


Role -playing clothing

Fabric material

The fabric material of the fabric of the ingenious underwear is also very special. Usually, high -quality polyester fiber, lace, silk and other materials are used. It feels soft and comfortable. It feels very good.

Main color system

The color of the lingerie of the ingenuity is very rich, but the main color system is black and red. These two colors have an absolutely sexy feeling. Even in ordinary clothes, you can wear a soft and noble temperament.

Suitable crowd

合 适 适 Underwear is suitable for women who like sexy, pursuing quality, and fashionable women. They can reflect the charm and beauty of women on the bed or usual wear, and make women more confident and proud to show themselves.


不 并 is not as easy to clean as ordinary clothes, and needs to be more careful.Generally speaking, cold water hands should be washed, bleach cannot be used, and drying tools such as oven, hair dryer, etc. When drying, it may damage the fabric, leading to deformation, back color, and ball.

the way of buying

各 在 can be bought on major e -commerce platforms. Among them, the quality of goods sold on platforms such as Tmall, JD.com, and Taobao is relatively guaranteed. Whether it is in terms of price, after -sales, quality and other aspects, these platforms are these platforms are all.A better choice.


The price of 的 is relatively high, generally ranging from hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan. Most of the high -priced styles are hand -made or highly fine. For specific occasions or special design styles.

Brand word

The reputation of the sexy underwear in the market is relatively good. Its sexy and stylish elements are often loved by female consumers, and the quality has maintained a certain level.In Japan, I am also one of the very famous sexy lingerie brands.

in conclusion

For female groups who like sexy, pursuit of quality, and fashion, their own sexy underwear is a good choice.Its special design style, superb craftsmanship, and high -quality fabrics have added a lot of fans and followers.But when buying, you need to make a wise choice according to your actual needs and budget.

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