Interesting underwear is what kind of one is

Interesting underwear is what kind of one is

Interest underwear is a fashion underwear that makes women glow with charm and add sexual interest.In different occasions and different atmospheres, sexy underwear can show a variety of styles and characteristics.This article will introduce the type of sexy underwear from multiple angles, so that you can find the style that suits you best.

1. According to the style

Whether it is a three -point, four -point, naked type, or lace, mesh, leather, and sexy underwear has a variety of styles.

1. Three or 4 points

Three -point sexy underwear is usually composed of two bras and one underwear, while the four -point type includes two bras, a underwear, and a belt tied to the back.Because they create a sexy and mysterious atmosphere, these two styles are very suitable for women who try sexy underwear for the first time.

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2. Bare

Naked sexy underwear usually refers to a cup in front, but the back is open or uses a fastener style.It often shows women’s complete body curve, making people feel more sexy.

3. Lace, mesh and leather

Lace, mesh, and leather materials have different feelings, but these materials add masculinity or feminine sexy atmosphere to sexy underwear.Different fabrics allow women to switch between desire and sexy.

2. According to the occasion

The methods and styles of sexy underwear on different occasions will also be different.

1. Ordinary sexy sheets

Ordinary erotic underwear is usually used in private occasions, such as dating or at home at night.These underwear are usually not displayed to others.

2. Transparent erotic sheet


Transparent sexy underwear is suitable for party, special occasions, or gorgeous dressing activities.These underwear are usually used to increase the charm and sexy of women and strengthen their attractiveness.

Third, according to the function

Sex underwear usually has sexy functions, but in specific scenarios, some sexy underwear also has other special functions.

1. Body -shaping sexy underwear

The body -shaping underwear is similar to other body -shaping underwear, which can change the shape of the body and make women’s body more symmetrical or more beautiful.

2. Hygiene and sexy underwear

Interesting underwear with hygienic effects usually use antibacterial technology to protect the health of women’s private parts.

Fourth, according to color

Sexy underwear of different colors can express different styles and emotions.

1. Red color sexy underwear

The strong and provocative red love underwear represents the amazing charm of women.

2. Black color sexy underwear

Black -colored erotic underwear is always full of mystery, especially when it is based on mesh or leather.

3. White erotic sheet

White sex underwear represents pure, fresh and clean, and is often used in the expression of soft love.

5. According to the size

There is a large difference in the size of sexy underwear, especially under the differences between East and West.

1. Asian sexy underwear

The size of Asian sex lingerie is usually smaller than the sexy underwear in other regions, suitable for Asian women.

2. Western sex sheet

In the West, the size of sexy underwear is usually larger than the Asian size, because Western women are generally higher and full.

6. According to the opportunity to wear

Sex underwear can play different effects in different time periods.

1. Daily wear

Daily wear is usually chosen when wearing public places.This sexy underwear usually focuses on convenience and comfort.

2. Dating

Sexy underwear is usually more gorgeous and sexy at dating, making your other half more devoted to you.

Seven, according to the price

The price of sex underwear is very different, and it is often high -priced and low -priced polarization.

1. Low -priced erotic underwear

Low -priced erotic underwear usually has a certain sexy and good quality, suitable for women who try to find sex underwear for the first time.

2. High -priced sexy underwear

High -priced erotic underwear is usually unique and good in quality, which can better display women’s figure, but the price is obviously more expensive.

8. According to overseas products and domestic products

The sexy underwear of imported products usually pay attention to materials and design, while domestic sex lingerie pays more attention to cheap and good quality.

1. Overseas erotic sheets

The material of overseas sex lingerie is more highly used, the design is more fashionable, but the price is more expensive.

2. Domestic erotic underwear

Although domestic sexy underwear is known for its high cost performance, there is a lack of design and quality.

In short, when choosing a sexy underwear, choose the right style, occasion, function, color, size, size and price according to your needs.Interest underwear should be a good helper to keep women self -confidence and charm in the private field, rather than wearing it for others.