How to make sexy sheets by yourself

How to make sexy sheets by yourself

How to make a sexy underwear?

As a specific function of underwear, sexy underwear provides richer experience and emotional needs.However, sometimes sexy underwear in the market does not fully meet our needs.At this time, we can consider making it ourselves, which is not only interesting but also more exclusive.This article will introduce how to make sexy underwear by itself.

1. Preparation tools and materials

First of all, prepare the tools and materials required to make sexy underwear together.These materials may include needle wires, fabrics, hook eyes and buckles.It should be noted that the choice of materials should be selected according to its own needs and physical characteristics to avoid being too tight or uncomfortable.

2. Determine your own design and style

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Before starting production, determine the design style you want.You can refer to the popular sex underwear style in the market, or you can design it yourself.But be sure to pay attention to whether it can be practical and can meet unique needs.

3. Measure the body size

When making sexy underwear, the size of the body should be considered, and the size of the chest, waist, hip and other parts need to be measured.Make sure the underwear has a good dressing experience.

4. Make bralette

Bralette is a style with no steel ring, cup lining or other auxiliary support.It is more suitable for people who are small or do not need too much support.When making, you need to choose fabrics and accessories of different materials according to your needs.

5. Make bra

Making bras need to consider more complicated structure and internal support.You need to cut cup types and shoulder straps according to your own bust size.At the same time, you can add elements such as lace and bow to increase your feelings.

6. Make G-String

G-String is a very curved underwear style on the hip. It is necessary to consider the materials and sewing methods of the crotch, hip side and other parts.You can add custom elements such as stockings, streaming, and pearls to make your underwear unique.

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7. Hand -drawing and printing

If you have a certain painting skills, try adding personalized prints or patterns to your sexy underwear.You can use professional hot painting paper and printing equipment for printing.

8. Simple modification and transformation

In addition to making new sexy underwear, you can also simply modify and transform existing underwear.You can enhance interest through tailoring, adding details.

in conclusion:

When making sexy underwear by yourself, you need to consider the selection of materials and the measurement of physical characteristics. At the same time, design and production also requires patience and skills.Pay attention to safety during the production process.

In the end, self -made erotic underwear can not only meet our more unique needs, but also bring us fun and challenges.However, you must carefully consider your production ability and experience before making underwear.