How much is the self -service sales machine’s sexy underwear

How much is the self -service sales machine's sexy underwear


With the development of science and technology and the increasing importance to people’s privacy and health issues, self -service sales of self -selling machines are gradually becoming popular.However, for people who are not too much to solve their affectionate underwear, the price of self -service sales of self -selling machines often becomes the first issue of their attention.So how much is the self -selling machine’s interest underwear?

Self -guided sales machine Interesting underwear price

The price of self -selling machines’ sex underwear is different due to various factors such as store geographical location, brand, fabric, design style, and sales volume.In the general self -service sales machine’s sexy underwear shop, the price ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan, but generally does not exceed 1,000 yuan.

Brand and agent

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Brands and agents are one of the important reasons for the formation of self -selling machines for the price of sexy underwear.The price of some high -end brand’s sexy underwear will be one grade higher than that of ordinary brands.In addition, the difference in sexy underwear agents will also affect the price.

Fabric and use

Fabrics and uses are also an important factor affecting the price of self -selling machines’ sex underwear.If the fabrics of the sexy underwear are selected from high -quality and high -end materials, the price will be a lot higher.And if sex underwear is designed for specific uses, such as for sex games, the price will be higher accordingly.

Design style and fashion level

The design style and fashion of sexy underwear are also the key factor in the price of self -service selling machines.Some newly designed, unique, and stylish sexy underwear prices will also be relatively high.

Sales and promotional activities

Sales volume and promotional activities will also affect the price of self -sales machines’ sexy underwear.If some sexy underwear is sold large, the store will reduce the price accordingly to attract more customers.And if the store does preferential activities during the promotion, the price of sex underwear will be reduced accordingly.

Suggested purchase method

For consumers who do not solve the affectionate underwear, it is recommended to first understand their size and preferences, and then choose the right brand and style.You can try on the self -selling machine’s sexy underwear store. While comfortable and visual effects meet your needs, consider price factors and make the best consumer decision.


Precautions for buying self -service selling machines for sexy underwear

Pay attention to hygiene issues to buy self -service sales of sexy underwear, especially when trying to penetrate, you must choose a shop with a test room to avoid using the trial underwear provided by the store.In addition, pay attention to sexy underwear from unprofessional sellers or unknown sources, so as not to cause unexpected health problems.

Combined with online and offline purchases

If consumers already have a certain understanding of the brand and style, consider buying sexy underwear online channels.Buying sexy underwear in the online mall can save time and economic costs, and can also choose styles and sizes in your own home.It is important to note that when you buy, you must choose a formal, guaranteed e -commerce platform.

It is not recommended to blindly rely on low price products

Some sexy lingerie is low in price, but the quality is worrying, and some even counterfeit products that violate copyrights.Therefore, consumers should not seduce blindly pursuing low -priced goods, otherwise even if they save economic costs, they may have unexpected health risks.


In summary, the price of self -selling machines’ sex underwear is affected by various factors.Consumers should use their own needs, understand their sizes and preferences, obtain reliable information, choose formal delivery channels and brands when purchasing.