Can my boyfriend birthday gift?

Can my boyfriend birthday gift?

What should I pay attention to sending my boyfriend’s sexy underwear as a birthday gift?

What gift is the best birthday for a boyfriend?This is a problem that causes many girlfriends to have a headache.If you want a special birthday gift and your boyfriend is interested in sexy underwear, then sending him a set of sexy underwear may be a good idea.However, it is a bold choice as a gift to send love underwear, and you need to pay attention to some matters.Here are some useful tips to help you choose a set of appropriate sexy underwear for your boyfriend.

1. Understand the boyfriend’s preference

Gift gifts must first consider each other’s preferences, so it is important to understand the sexual preferences of her boyfriend and then select gifts.Some men are very interested in sexy underwear, and others may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.Before sending love underwear, make sure your boyfriend is interested and accepts such gifts.

2. Choose a style suitable for boyfriend

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Different erotic underwear has a variety of designs and functions. You can choose the appropriate sexy underwear style according to your boyfriend’s preferences and body types.For men with thinner figures, tight straps or mask sexy underwear may be more suitable; for men with fuller figures, they are more suitable for sexy underwear with loose design or naked big exposed fleshy design.

3. Choose comfortable materials

Material is another important aspect of choosing sexy underwear.Although some special designs may make her boyfriend feel comfortable, if they use uncomfortable materials, this gift will become meaningless.It is very important to choose soft, comfortable, breathable and textured materials.In addition to comfortable, you can consider choosing materials that are easy to maintain and easy to clean, such as soft silk, chiffon or lace, and so on.

4. Appropriate size

Make sure that the sexy underwear you choose is a suitable size.If you are not sure of your boyfriend’s size, you can secretly ask his family or friends first, and make appropriate surprises.If the size of the sexy underwear is too small or too large, it will not only make your gifts have no effect, but also make your boyfriend feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

5. Consider accessories

Some erotic underwear can be paired with different accessories, such as high heels, handcuffs, lace scarves, and so on.These accessories can improve the sexy degree of sexy underwear and make the gifts more complete and special.Consider putting on a pair of sexy high heels to add more charm and attractiveness to the whole set of sexy underwear.

6. Fairy underwear packaging and gift gifted method

After selecting a good gift, the appearance and packaging are also part of the case that cannot be ignored.Before giving gifts, put the sexy underwear in a beautiful gift box and add some decorations such as ribbon and gift card.Singing a birthday song for his boyfriend loudly, or on a romantic evening, you will be surprised to him.

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7. Delivery time and place of gifts

The time and place of gift delivery are also important aspects.If you want to send the gift to his home, you may know the state of his door lock in advance, or it is best to find his friends to help you open the door to his bedroom.If you want to give him gifts in his workplace, to ensure that the appearance of the gift will not make him feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.The delivery time of the gift also needs to be grasped appropriately, and do not bother him at the time of his busy time.

8. Boyfriend’s response

After sending a gift, the reaction of the boyfriend is nervous and exciting.Maybe you will get his enthusiastic response and gratitude, maybe you will get some happy laughter.In any case, cherish the moment of these two people, feel the gratitude and love of her boyfriend.

in conclusion

All in all, it is an option to send a boyfriend’s sexy underwear as a birthday gift, but when choosing, you need to consider your boyfriend’s preferences, appropriate styles, comfortable materials, appropriate size and supporting accessories.The packaging and delivery methods of gifts also need to be carefully considered.Remember, the purpose of the gift is to express your love for him, don’t make your boyfriend feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.